Welcome to iKKSS Gourmet!  iKKSS Gourmet  Browni’s, Blondi’s & Cooki’s are Lovingly Hand Crafted and Hand Assembled to Perfection. Each batch is Hand Baked for Guaranteed Freshness & Hand Cut to create the Perfect Infinite Edgeless Browni’s & Blondi’s.   “Our Mission is to Always Deliver A Premier Gourmet Product, Along With Premier Service”  iKKSS Gourmet  Desserts are always sealed for Freshness.   Once Received, You Can Enjoy Sweet Decadence Right Out of The Box.  iKKSS Gourmet  Offers Scrumptious Artisan Desserts for All Occasions: Life Celebrations, Family Reunions, Baby Showers, Weddings, High Tea, etc.  For Special Events, order Individual bags or boxes of Gourmet Handcrafted Browni’s, Blondi’s, or Cooki’s.  Each Dessert is Hand Packed in our Signature Packaging – to Ensure Impeccable Presentation.  “ We Offer Pure Indulgence, with Flavors Your Guests Won’t Forget.”  iKKSS Gourmet - Makes an Elegant Statement.